Wood Venetian Blind

Our timber blinds are made out of premium and fine-grained FSC Certified Ramin Timber from legal and sustainable Indonesian forests.
Timber slats and have a rich coating of two base coats and one top coat of UV cured paints for a very long life.
As our dedication to provide you with the finest timber blinds,we employ exceptional craftmanship and do very carefully control in each step of production.
Selected Ramin timbers are air and oven dried for stability,durability, natural character and beauty.
Man-made materials in white, cream, black and best seller natural timber colours.
Custom-made stains available as we also import unfinished raw material.
Heavy duty headrails are made of pure aluminium and fitted with matching valance.
You will have peace-of-mind knowing you will have years of trouble-free operation due to ultimate strong headrail and high class componentry.
Heavy duty cord pulley makes for easy opening.
Top quality tilting and locking components engineered to carry the any weight of the timber blind.
Optional 25 mm or extra ordinary optional 38 mm XL woven ladder tapes add strength and magnificient view. Morover,tapes cover holes to give better light control.
Child-friendly safety cleat.