Roller Shade

Roller blinds dress up your windows, giving you a contemporary and classy look. You can use roller blinds to control the light in a sunny room or to add extra shade under your soft window treatments.

Park roller blinds offer the simplicity of a classic roller shade, but with a modern twist.Our extensive and unique roller shades include a very wide variety of colors, materials, and weaves to fit every design and budget. Our choices of styles and colors allow you to put together a chic, contemporary look for your home. Light-blocking materials make roller shades even more effective for light control and sunlight protection. With the wide selection you will be able to find a pattern/color that will meet both your decorative and functionality needs.

Our roller blinds that soften or shade the harsh or bright light of the summer sun.

Maintaining privacy while you enjoy the view.

You don’t have to shut the view out to keep your privacy - you can have the best of both worlds – enjoying the great vistas outside while remaining virtually invisible to outsiders with quality window shades.

Protecting floor coverings and furnishings from UV fading and damage.

You can prolong the rich colours and fresh condition of your floor coverings and furnishings with the help of our roller blinds and window shades which filter the glare of harsh sunlight and damaging ultra violet rays.

Attractive designer colours and textures to match your aesthetics.

Whether you’re looking for classic or contemporary, subtle or bold, our custom-made roller sun screen blinds offer a choice of light and dark colours to work with any space.

Our roller blinds are smooth and easy to open, close, and adjust, with optional motorised remote control if you wish.You can stop blinds at the exact position you want.

Our window shades can let enough light in that artificial light is unnecessary, so you can save on your power bills without having to squint in the bright light.

We also work alongside architects, designers, project managers, and builders to provide effective solutions for particular design and functional needs. We are here to help make design and installation as easy as possible for our customers.

Blackout Roller Blind

Blackout roller blinds that black out a room during the day for sleep or computer use, and give heat insulation and privacy at night

Ideal for shift workers, small children, or day-sleepers.

Our blackout roller  blinds are ideal for shift workers, people with small children, those who sleep in the day or have problems sleeping in the summer months, or new parents who want their babies to sleep through the night.

Special lining to blackout the light.

Our blackout roller blinds have a special lining to blackout the light, ensuring unwelcome light is kept out in the mornings or day-time for a black out effect, especially in the summer months.

Roller Blind Cleaning

•Remove dust from blinds with vacuum cleaner or compressed air

•Clean with a sponge or soft brush dipped in soapy water, then rinse with clear water and leave blind down until completely dry

•Do not scrub

•Do not use solvents or any abrasive substance that might damage the coating of the fabric