Pleated Shade

Exclusive,unique and the only solution for triangle,trapezoid,slope,octagonal and such shapeless window or roof shade requirements.

With crisp pleats and a broad spectrum of colors,styles and textures,pleated shades, also called pleated blinds,offer a stylish look.

Pleated shades are often referred to as pleated blinds because the pleats can appear to be slats.  However, these pleats are not separate pieces with gaps in between like window blind slats.  Pleated shades consist of one solid sheet of material with manufactured folds to allow the shade to collapse and stack evenly.

We offer a great selection of pleated shades from HUNTER DOUGLAS top brand COSIFLOR.

PARK PERDE is the licencee of Turkey of COSIFLOR.All fabric and components range are exclusively made in Germany.

Pleated shades operate with traditional pull cords,spring loaded bottom rails, and top down/bottom up operation.

Light Control.

Pleated shades by themselves are mainly semi-sheer, allowing a considerable amount of outside light and visibility to filter through the shade.To improve light control and privacy, consider adding a semi-opaque or opaque fabric liner.

Custom Made.

These pleated shades are custom made to fit the measurements of your windows so they fit properly and work much better.The superior manufacturing processes and premium materials used in our pleated shades help extends their lifespan, ensuring you a top quality product that will complement your other home furnishings.Bottom line, our high quality, custom products are a smart investment for your home.

Easy Clean.

Just need an occasional vacuum,and get soiled they can be easily spot cleaned with a damp cloth and dishwashing detergent.