Our principles

Customer Satisfaction
We care about building reliable, sincere and long-lasting relationships with our customers. Our basic principle is to render quality, prompt, reliable, entirely customer-oriented services with our advantages arising from experience and knowledge, enabling our customers to have a perfect experience.

Constant Development
We carefully address expectations and suggestions of our customers and try to constantly improve the processes required for better services and products in order to make them sustainable.

Solution Orientedness
We swiftly take action in accordance with the requirements and generate effective solutions.

Our customers can easily reach us through our communication channels for all their complaints, suggestions, questions and requests.

Rapid Feedback
Thanks to our communication channels interacting with each other, we establish feedback mechanisms and take necessary actions. We care about answering all applications made by our customers as soon as possible.

We objectively address and assess all applications we receive and take objectivity criteria into account during the solution process.

We do not share personal details of our customers in any manner whatsoever.