Curtain Track

We offer a range of top quality motorized curtain track, the motors and drive mechanisms are made in France and in Germany and assembled by us here at our site. The extrusion can be rolled into most radius and powder coated any colour to suit specific applications. The motors come in a range of 'watts', depending on the weight and drop of the curtains being used.

Motorised curtain tracks are an affordable system for homes, offices and theaters.

Flexible switching is avaiable using wall switching, Somfy plug reciever and remote as well as home automation systems.

A heavy duty aluminium extrusion profile creates the backbone of this system.

A bayonet connection allows for quick and secure motor attachment to the track. An internal belt,

running in individual channels allows traversing of curtains around bends and curves. The belt is

driven by a sprocket drivewheel, supported by two sealed roller bearings. Simple adjustments of

curtain travel is enabled with internal micro limit switches.

A single motor is used for most applications with three motors to choose from giving various watts

of power. Tandem motors with a power range of ultimate watts can operate very heavy

curtains and very long tracks for cinemas and theaters.

The motors are 240v AC synchronous vertical axis with heavyduty roller bearings filled with a strong

planetary reduction gearbox giving a smooth quite operation.

The versatility of the Somfy motorised track is that it can be bent around a tight radius

of as well as curves for today's modern style houses with big sweeping windows.

Other standard features include a generous overlap of the curtains, a return plate that allows the

curtains to return to the wall hiding the motor and heavy duty wheeled runners.